Aliens everywhere…

Copyright by Robert Rusin -

Copyright by Robert Rusin –

WHAT IS IT about Milton Keynes that the UFOs and aliens find so appealing? Do the grid roads, stone circles, pyramids and other curious features somehow allow them to calibrate their navigational equipment, or recharge their mysterious energy? Know one knows. What is for sure, though, is that they’ve been visiting for a long time. And they show no sign of stopping.

This website documents UFO sightings which have been officially recorded by police officers in the UK. And if you scroll down to ‘1982’ there is, of course, a report from Milton Keynes’ finest. It would appear that at 0435 hours on the 25th March 1982 Sergeant Ivan Victory and PC Anthony Underwood driving their marked police car along Saxon Street in Milton Keynes when they observed a yellow lozenge shaped UFO in the sky. They stopped their car and watched as it passed overhead. They observed red and blue flashing lights on the craft. Astounded at what they had seen, they passed details to the Ministry of Defence – who conducted their own investigation into the sighting. The Milton Keynes Police Superintendent, one John Burton, was quoted as saying:-

“These are two experienced officers and I have no reason to doubt their integrity.”

With thanks once again to Robert Rusin for the above picture.

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  1. It was interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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