Milton Keynes: UFO capital of Britain

Copyright by Robert Rusin -

Copyright by Robert Rusin –

MILTON KEYNES is renowned for it’s UFO activity, with more and more flying saucers being spotted every day. The above map, created by the talented Robert Rusin is based upon many of the unexplained sightings of the past few years.

But this is not a new phenomenon: UFOs have been visiting the city for decades. One such incident, which has only just been revealed, dates back as far as 1979.  Documented by the Birmingham UFO Group (or BUFOG if you prefer!), the full report can be found here. For those of you who can’t be bothered to read the whole (lengthy detailed) report, it is summarised as follows:-

At dusk,in September 1979, ‘Sam’ left Milton Keynes College of Education – which was then situated at Wolverton Mill – and set off on his motorbike towards Haversham.  

As he travelled along the Stratford Road his attention was drawn by a curiously bright star in the sky.

Half way along the Wolverton Road, Sam pulled over and noticed that the ‘star’ was now moving. The object descended rapidly until it was just 100 feet off the ground, whereupon it  began to silently follow the edge of the road at a steady 5 mph. As it drew nearer,  Sam observed that the UFO was enormous – about half the size of a football pitch. It was matte black in colour, and triangular shaped with rounded corners, much like a flattened cone. Sam noticed some structural lines and bumps on the surface of the UFO. A bright, golden light was emanating from four large portholes in the front of the object.

The UFO was now so close that Sam felt compelled to hide amongst some trees. The UFO passed overhead and travelled towards the M1. Suddenly, however, it came to an abrupt halt over a farm field – where it hovered for over an hour.  

A week or so later Sam was again in Wolverton, this time with a group of friends. They were walking down the Stratford Road towards Stony Stratford. At about 7.30pm they were approaching the A5 when Sam noticed the same UFO hovering overheard once more. Again, it was silent, dark and menacing. It was closely followed by a second identical object, and between them they looked as if they were conducting a ‘survey’. Sam felt compelled to keep these sightings secret until May 2013.

The BUFOG have concluded that these were  “genuine sightings of advanced craft, possibly of ET origin.”

Since then, the visitors have been back on a regular basis. They not exactly hiding.

For more weird stuff in the city, don’t forget to check out my book.

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